10th December 2018

One Girl…Three Bags

  Originally, LANDA was going to be launched with just one bag in a style and construction that I’ve had in my mind for many years. […]
26th October 2018

Protecting the Brand

  Creating this brand was so personal to me, that I found it hard to let go of certain things. I wanted every aspect, every image, […]
6th September 2018
Creating Something Meaningful

Creating Something Meaningful

  For a long time, I knew I wanted to leave corporate life but wasn’t sure what to do next? Despite achieving so much in my […]
22nd August 2017

The Functional Masterpiece

  I felt there was a gap in the market for a functional bag made with high-quality materials yet stylish and beautiful. Looking around me I […]
30th July 2017
To team up with your network

To Team Up With Your Network

  When I started my own business, I had even more time to network but decided to tackle this in a different way. I started to […]