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23rd September 2021
Winter Inspiration

Winter Inspiration

This new season collection features an unusual and very chic PLEXIGLASS chain. At LANDA, we took some time to search for a material that would add […]
14th June 2021
The Summer of Outdoor Dining

The Summer of Outdoor Dining and Freedom

Isn’t this the best time of the year? Longer evenings, the air smells different, the sun shines brighter and with a new strength.   We wear lighter […]
1st February 2021
We Love February

The Reasons Why We Love February

Naturally, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, January is a “dark” month, literally. The days are typically short and dark and generally cold as the winter […]
16th September 2020
Sharing Entrance Hall

Sharing our Entrance Hall with family or roommates

We have received some enquiries from our LANDA Community on how to best store and keep our beautiful handbags.  In saying that, we always recommend that […]
16th March 2020
Landa Leather Bags

There is always a silver lining

The country, Ireland, is about to go into lockdown due to the Coronavirus. At Landa, we have been trying to come to terms with this whole […]
26th November 2019
Sustainable Fashion is the Future

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion will and must become mainstream fashion in order to protect the environment.