Silvana Landa

Silvana Landa

26th November 2019
Sustainable Fashion is the Future

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion will and must become mainstream fashion in order to protect the environment.
26th November 2019

The juxtaposition of Enhanced neutrals

Enhanced neutrals, sounds like a contradictory turn of phrase but in fact it’s seamless way of styling.
29th March 2019

You Spoke, We Listened…

  We create our beautiful handbags with you in mind! This is the DNA of the brand. One of our unique features is that we produced […]
10th December 2018

One Girl…Three Bags

  Originally, LANDA was going to be launched with just one bag in a style and construction that I’ve had in my mind for many years. […]
26th October 2018

Protecting the Brand

  Creating this brand was so personal to me, that I found it hard to let go of certain things. I wanted every aspect, every image, […]
6th September 2018
Creating Something Meaningful

Creating Something Meaningful

  For a long time, I knew I wanted to leave corporate life but wasn’t sure what to do next? Despite achieving so much in my […]