She remembers his rough-looking hands working the tanned hides, the workshop’s rich, earthy aroma, and the sound of the sewing machines. He also did a lot of stitching by hand. Sometimes he would let her help with the finishing process; brushing or painting the edges of each shoe.

As a busy professional and mother of two, Silvana is constantly on the go; scooting between airports, offices, the gym, doing school runs and catching up with friends. She found she was always juggling several bags at once and began looking for a nifty solution. She wanted something spacious, yet stylish – something several cuts above the cumbersome bag for life from the local supermarket! What she found were a gap in the market and a business opportunity. With fond memories of her grandfather working in his leather workshop, it seemed a natural step to start designing bags that were roomy and practical yet made from beautiful high-quality leather.


Landa Bags Today
Handmade in Spain
Landa Bags Today
Landa Bags Today


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