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A life-long passion for leather and craft

Born in Argentina, a nation famed for cattle ranches and a love of red meat, her cultural heritage is closely bound to the land and its animals. From an early age, she grew up watching her Italian grandfather work leather in his cobbler’s workshop, sourced from her uncle’s raw material store.

Forced to emigrate to South America after fighting in World War II, he started his cobbler’s business from scratch in Argentina, intuitively learning the trade. Her grandmother was a pants suit tailor and extremely hard working. They were a pair of self-made business people in the simplest of ways. His practice was captivating.

Silvana grew up watching her italian
grandfather work leather in his cobbler’s workshop

A dedicated grandfather

She remembers his rough-looking hands working the tanned hides, the workshop’s rich, earthy aroma, and the sound of the sewing machines. He also did a lot of stitching by hand. Sometimes he would let her help with the finishing process; brushing or painting the edges of each shoe.

As a busy professional and mother of two, Silvana is constantly on the go; scooting between airports, offices, the gym, doing school runs and catching up with friends. She found she was always juggling several bags at once and began looking for a nifty solution. She wanted something spacious, yet stylish – something several cuts above the cumbersome bag for life from the local supermarket! What she found were a gap in the market and a business opportunity. With fond memories of her grandfather working in his leather workshop, it seemed a natural step to start designing bags that were roomy and practical yet made from beautiful high-quality leather.


We work with artisans that follow traditional methods to craft leather.


We work with sophisticated neutral palettes to match a wardrobe year round.


Attention to detail and exquisite finish.


We work with 3 factories (Spain, Italy and China) that follow our sustainable views.