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The Summer of Outdoor Dining

The Summer of Outdoor Dining and Freedom

Isn’t this the best time of the year? Longer evenings, the air smells different, the sun shines brighter and with a new strength.  

We wear lighter clothes, both in texture and colour, we eat lighter food with more salads and juices, and the mood in general is lifted. 

We automatically feel like exercising more, with brighter evenings and early mornings when the sun gives us that extra push. 

We feel light and breezy. We feel a sense of freedom in the summer months, and particularly this 2021, the summer after the pandemic. 

But most of all, we feel a new sense of gratitude, a new appreciation for the little things in life. We appreciate hugs, warmth from people and friends we haven’t seen over a year. We enjoy a great cup of coffee and a piece of cake. We appreciate sitting outdoors be it in our back garden, balcony or park. There is a new sense for savouring life’s little pleasures.  

We have also noticed how our homes have gotten a new light too. From big renovations to small updates, the whole world has gone crazy about making changes to make our spaces more comfortable as we’ve spent so much time indoors. 

We find that by simply replacing some cushion covers and adding a couple of plants, our rooms look and feel renovated and more “summery”. Add a colourful throw to your bed or sofa and it instantly lifts the mood and look. Or why not bring some old cushions to your outdoor space? 

But perhaps the biggest sense of relief and freedom has been given by the new restrictions lifted and the “vaccine” roll out worldwide. 

We can now plan a holiday or time away from home at a beach or mountain. Or perhaps stay home but with the freedom to invite friends and family for a weekend barbecue or drink. 

Let’s enjoy the outdoor  spaces around us and breathe easy. Life is beautiful.