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We Love February

The Reasons Why We Love February

Naturally, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, January is a “dark” month, literally. The days are typically short and dark and generally cold as the winter days move from the excitement of the Christmas season to the long days of the new month of the year. 

Add a global pandemic with strict restrictions and lockdowns on top of that, and you have a recipe for an even more challenging month. 

In true LANDA style, we like to see the bright side of things and turn the challenges into opportunities. 

We grabbed January by the horns and got highly creative and busy. If we must stay at home to help ease the pandemic situation, let’s make it a good one, we thought. 

We felt it was a good month to try new things, learn new hobbies and pass times. We asked our friends, families and customers for suggestions and a surprising array of possibilities opened. We cooked new recipes, got an app to learn a new language, restored some old furniture and even bought a pom-pom making machine. 

During the home office hours (what is that, right?), we stayed focused and true to our January target and ambitions. 

February arrived and we received it with open arms. We declare this “the month of colour”. We are going to swap black and grey for some uplifting items adding pink, yellow (thank you Pantone for the suggestion) and lighter shades to our everyday outfits.

There is a sense of brightness, hope and enthusiasm. Days are literally getting longer, and people’s spirits are lifted. The promise of spring is just a calendar page away

February has that capacity to let you get rid of the silly, unattainable “New Year’s resolutions”, in exchange of real and practical goals. With this renewed energy that the Valentine month brings, we find the way to tackle the tasks and objectives that are going to help us move the year along, and work through personal and business objectives. This is exciting! 

Hello February…the month of hope, spring, love and brighter days.