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Sharing Entrance Hall

Sharing our Entrance Hall with family or roommates

We have received some enquiries from our LANDA Community on how to best store and keep our beautiful handbags. 

In saying that, we always recommend that you are NOT too precious with your LANDA bags. They have been made thinking about the women of today. We have “US” in mind, the women and girls that live active lives and are on the go (even during this global crisis, we are still moving).

Our bags are designed with features that will help your everyday life, but most importantly, they are made using high quality raw materials to ensure the handbags last a long time. So, taking care in the same way you would a jacket or another personal item is enough. Some women feel they cannot place their bags anywhere other than their laps or hanging on a hook. We say, enjoy your LANDA products and don’t worry if occasionally you have to place them somewhere else. We usually see our customers wearing our shopper or crossbody bag as carry-on luggage on a plane, and they end up under their seats. That’s perfectly fine. Our bags can endure this very well. 

Now that we are all spending more time at home and sharing the same space with our family or roommates, we know we have to be neater and more generous with the same space. There is also a new sense of increasing hygiene with any objects that we bring from outside, this includes our handbags. 

Our favourite way for keeping our entrance hall tidier, is to have either a coat hanger or hooks so that you can hang your handbag there. This should apply for the one you just brought in. Therefore, one or two bags at the entrance is fine. Remember, we are trying to be generous with space. 

Otherwise, we recommend that you wipe your bag with an unscented baby wipe, stuff it with some newspaper or tissue paper and put it back in the dust bag that you got when you purchased your bag. The paper inside helps it keep its shape forever. And the dust bag keeps it clean and safe. 

If you have a shelf in your wardrobe, this is ideal as we recommend you store your bags standing up. And hooks or hangers are preferred for storing crossbody bags or bags with longer straps. 

We hope these tips help and we’ll see you again very soon.

Silvana Landa

Co-Founder & Director @ LANDA