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There is always a silver lining

The country, Ireland, is about to go into lockdown due to the Coronavirus. At Landa, we have been trying to come to terms with this whole new situation, certainly an unprecedented one, and in true Landa style, we’ve already found a silver lining.

We cannot help but feel that the Environment is somehow “happy”, relieved in a way. It’s as if we have been forced to clear the air…less cars on the road, less airplanes flying, less public transports in the cities. The Planet is somehow relieved, it needed a breather.

We were also asked that as a way of pulling together, we have to stay apart. This is a difficult one to understand, but it seems to be the only way to contribute to get rid of this new virus affecting us all at some level. This is a test for humans, for sure. Many cultures “crave” human contact…hugging and kissing is second nature for so many of us, and yet, we are asked to stop doing something that feels natural to us. But this is also a temporary positive one. We have people talking about feelings, human connection and how to express love in new and innovative ways.

Families and roommates have to spend some more precious time together, in the same space. Again, a very positive one, but it also comes with some challenges. By being forced to stop our routine activities, we have some more free time to share with our loved ones. But this is happening without warning or planning! We are again forced to find ways of sharing our time and space in innovative ways.

Certainly for many of us, this feels like the first time ever to be involved in something that requires our attention at a global level. You might argue that we have ALL been already facing issues like climate change, but as we know, not everybody has been forced to take the situation on board and act on it…immediately. This time, we simply ALL have to embrace the situation, react and act as quickly and effectively as we can to help and come out on the other side all together.

We have been feeling the positive effects of nations that have already been suffering and dealing with this problem, and how they have been sharing and passing on tips and ways of coping. This is inspiring.

Never a “trending” word has been more appropriate for current time…KINDNESS. In the midst of all the suffering in the world and challenging times ahead, we are happy to see people being kind to one another, helping each other and pulling together. Also be kind to ourselves, stay with clear, calm thoughts and mind our own mental health as well as our bodies. It’s as if Kindness has reached a new level. This is also inspiring.

So much more to discuss, so much more to learn. We just wanted to share these thoughts with our Landa community and keep looking for the opportunities to grow in this challenging situation.