Sustainable Fashion: To be part of this change in the fashion world,
Sustainable Fashion is the Future

Sustainable Fashion

There has been a lot of  talk about sustainable fashion, really the conversation is only getting started as more of us realise the impact of our buying decisions. Sustainable fashion will and must become mainstream fashion in order to protect the environment and its natural resources.  Producers of fashion have an urgent obligation now to transform all aspects of their production to sustainable methods and in turn work with their suppliers and distributors to ensure they too are sustainable. 

Running a sustainable brand has been part of the Landa DNA from day one. We decided to create a brand that is not only beautiful and functional,  but one that can also add value to the world. 

To be part of this change in the fashion world, we strongly believed that we needed to design and develop products that would be effectively “seasonless”, accessories that are timeless and stylish, and will work with every piece in your wardrobe. The beauty of a handbag is that you can style it up or down and change an outfit completely bringing it from day time meeting to an evening date. 

We started with a clear vision. We sourced ethically produced raw materials first. We then spent quite some time looking to partner with a small factory that would embrace and follow our ethical ideas. 

Once we found these two key essentials (our materials and production system), we moved on to other areas like our packaging. We use 100% recyclable boxes and zero plastic to ship all our handcrafted bags. 

But perhaps the area that makes us super proud is the “low waste” that we are working so hard to achieve by using cut offs to make smaller leather good items to significantly reduce waste.

Our little notebooks are made using the leather cut offs from our different bags, to bring you yet another handcrafted Landa product. We will continue on our sustainable journey and encourage those we work with and collaborate with to do the same.