The juxtaposition of Enhanced neutrals: A new way to dress smartly

The juxtaposition of Enhanced neutrals

Enhanced neutrals, sounds like a contradictory turn of phrase but in fact it’s seamless way of styling, blending colour, form and function. 

For us at Landa Bags, the pieces in your wardrobe should ideally mix and match to create an infinite number of outfits to complement different occasions. We love the idea of owning pieces of clothing that go with everything and last.

There is a certain freedom that comes with this approach to dressing. You know that on any given morning,  you can choose different separates and create an outfit in seconds. 

Neutral doesn’t have to mean “BORING”! Or “BEIGE”, for that matter. Our latest collection of handbags features five  shades that we consider neutrals…enhanced neutrals that will work with any outfit. These are: Taupe, Dark Olive, Black, Blue and Hot Pink.

Let’s put it to the test… 

Black trousers, black top and camel coat. This would look divine with the new hot pink Mini bag. A pop of colour to accentuate a clean silhouette. 

That aubergine dress you bought last year? Throw the Dark Olive bag over your shoulders and BAM! You’re done. 

Or any of this season’s tweed jackets with bright colours, why not pair it with our blue bag? It’s a wonderfully neutral blue that goes with any colour palette, and skin tone! 

One last test…do I hear “orange”? As difficult as you might think this colour is to match, any of our 5 new enhanced neutrals will work really well. 

Neutral can be fun and interesting. Have fun experimenting with your wardrobe and unlocking infinite new looks!