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You Spoke, We Listened…


We create our beautiful handbags with you in mind! This is the DNA of the brand.

One of our unique features is that we produced a foldable Gym and Shopping bag to match the main bag as it is made using the same leather and finished in water-resistant material. Some of you have told us that you “simply cannot live without the matching gym bag” and that “It makes me happy to take out my foldable Shopping bag when I pop into the supermarket after work”.

On the other hand, some of you have told us that you don’t really use it that much and that you sometimes leave the foldable bag home.

We are all different! We all have our unique lifestyle and ways of wearing our handbags and accessories.
We have decided to offer the handbags with or without the foldable insert bag. This way, you get the freedom of choosing your favourite product that suits your style.