One Girl…Three Bags | Landa Bags

One Girl…Three Bags


Originally, LANDA was going to be launched with just one bag in a style and construction that I’ve had in my mind for many years. A style, I simply had not found anywhere.

When I started the draft and design process, it was with the “career woman” in mind, whose schedule varies from everyday…gym before the office or regular international travel. With this vision in mind, the OLMO bag came to life as the perfect and versatile accessory. I was pleased with the result. This bag was the answer since it was going to carry my laptop in the middle compartment, my diary, chargers, water bottle and makeup pouch in the main interior part, and I could use the zipped pocket for travel documents and my wallet. The slip pockets are perfect from my phone and lip gloss. But what really makes it work, is the foldable and discreet gym bag that comes neatly clipped inside the bag ready for whenever I need to carry extra items.

Then I realised that I wasn’t only this career woman, in fact, I play many roles as most women do juggling life. First and foremost, I am a mum to two incredible young people who have afterschool activities and playdates. I started thinking about carrying nappies, toys and crayons, iPad, snacks and the rest! I couldn’t have a go at improving the loyal Tote bag. This holdall bag has been a success for every brand for a reason. It’s in the name…holdall. However, I still thought there might be room for improvement. And that’s when our OMBU bag was created with the addition of a foldable gym bag and an extra top zip closure for safety.

But wait a minute, how about my weekends or city trips? Who doesn’t love to have hands free and feel the freedom that comes with it? On any city escape or weekend walk, I always carry a crossbody. I simply needed to create one that would solve that missing piece…the extra space I sometimes needed on-the-go. I decided to design it in the saddle shape since it is a comfortable shape and it’s a perfect size and add a foldable shopping bag neatly clipped to the main bag.
OLIVO was the last of the three designs to come to life. Now I could go about my walks and nip into the supermarket on the way back or go shopping after a walk in a new cool city.

How about going out? I have the option of wearing the formal and elegant OLMO bag or for a more casual evening, OLIVO is the perfect companion.

I simply couldn’t live without any of these three versatile styles, and I’m thrilled to see that my customers are loving them as much as I do!