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Protecting the Brand


Creating this brand was so personal to me, that I found it hard to let go of certain things. I wanted every aspect, every image, every word to be “on brand”. This is something I learned while working for luxurious brands like Lancôme, Yves Saint Lauren, Armani, Kiehl’s, Max Benjamin. I learned to “protect the brand from every angle”. Considering how each decision might impact the end consumer.

One of the first things I did when creating LANDA handbags was produced a Brand Guidelines document. But the time came when I had no option but to let go and delegate certain things to others. My dad suddenly passed away just weeks before the launch of Landa. I felt strongly that I had to continue with the launch as planned and bring it to completion.
I knew I had to start my “teasing” campaign on social media as planned, particularly on Instagram. The time was running out. I had set myself the target to create an interesting account, to drive engagement and create excitement and anticipation before the launch.

I decided to contact my dear friend Veronica who lives in New York and I met 20 years ago. She had offered to help me with Instagram many times, but I was reluctant to hand over something as important as a brand’s social media platform. I was worried that I would lose authenticity. I wanted every post to be, you guessed it, “on brand”.

Vero understood my fears and concerns and started helping me and teaching me all of her Instagram tricks so that I could take over when I felt ready.
It has been such an amazing experience working with her. We don’t always agree on what posts and photos and blurbs to share, but we have managed to work together in a productive and fun way. We learn different aspects from each other and we keep supporting each other…just like we always have.

Growing and protecting the essence of the brand will always be at the forefront of Landa but I recognized in the process that you can ask for help and get people to share your vision and hopes.