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The Functional Masterpiece


I felt there was a gap in the market for a functional bag made with high-quality materials yet stylish and beautiful. Looking around me I could see my fellow travellers carrying either a traditional laptop bag or else a beautiful leather handbag coupled with a carry-on wheelie bag. This observation lingered for me, and for many months after that, I continued to notice how people, particularly women, carried their everyday necessities in big cities.

I noticed how they were dressed impeccably, how they proudly carried an expensive leather handbag coupled with a second bag made of paper, canvas or even a supermarket bag to carry the excess (gym gear, high heels to swap for the runners they were wearing, lunch boxes, etc)!
I started to wonder, how is it possible that there isn’t a handbag in the market that would solve this problem stylishly? That was my light bulb moment. I started to sketch a handbag that would hold a fold up bag inside to be taken out when needed.

This is how LANDA, the brand, started to come to life. After visiting leather factories in Argentina and Italy, we decided to produce in Ubrique, Spain. We fell in love with the quality, the traditional respectful methods and of course the beautiful hard-working little town. It took one factory visit for us to decide that we wanted to produce there, we wanted to have our products handmade and handcrafted. It was so refreshing to see leather craft workers produce pieces with so much love, passion and knowledge.

Each individual Landa piece takes almost 20 hours to make from start to finish, this dedication to production and quality is something we are so proud of. We choose only the highest quality materials and every detail is considered.
All our handbags come with a second water resistant fold up gym or shopping bag, which can be used to carry a range of everyday items. This simple addition stands for everything I’m aiming for; purposeful, functional and stylish. This is what makes a Landa bag unique. This is what makes people fall in love with LANDA.